Posted by: random.etc13 | August 4, 2012

Random Stupidity 3

This is about stupid criminals, real and fictional.
I read about the garlic thieves. Three overloaded vans that reeked of garlic. Gee, not suspicious at all.
I know that ‘what I learned from movies/TV’ has been done. But even if these have been mentioned before, they bear repeating. I was watching a DVD of a criminal show. Show of hands – if you see a gun beside a dead body or a bloody knife, would your first thought be to pick it up?

I’ve been trying to watch the Olympics online. Since I live in the US and don’t have cable or satellite, I am out of luck. I have caught some things (probably replays) in other languages. I caught some names and a few words that I could recognize. As a poster on another site put it, ‘thanks a lot NBC’.

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