Posted by: random.etc13 | February 17, 2013

Dancing = Sport?

“Wrestling chief steps down after Olympics mulls pulling sport” CNN February 16, 2013

I don’t blame him!
“The president of wrestling’s international federation […] stepped down to give another leader the chance to fight the Olympics’ decision”.
“The move [to drop wrestling] sparked an international outcry and surprise. ”
“Wrestling […] is immensely popular in many […] countries”.
As I said before, I am not a wrestling fan but for many reasons it should be included. Not least of which, it is an actual sport.

These are quotes from the book How To Watch The Olympics by David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton.
“RYTHMIC GYMNASTICS often seems closer to dance than a measurable sport, and there are many who question whether it should be in the Olympic programme.”( p.172)
What is going to be added next – ballroom dancing? How about getting rid of the dance ‘sports’ and keeping the actual sports!

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