Posted by: random.etc13 | March 27, 2014


I received an email from The PEW Charitable Trusts which says “25 Years After Valdez Spill, Drilling Standards Still Needed”. Personally, I think NO DRILLING is needed.

There was a link to an article – “Deepwater Horizon oil left tuna, other species with heart defects likely to prove fatal” March 24 (2014, I assume)
In the article, ‘Nat Scholz, leader of the ecotoxicology program at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle (talking about amberjack, yellowfin and bluefin tuna) said “They’re not going to be able to survive” as they develop into adult fish.’
The part that left me speechless (except for random expletives) was: “The oil giant [BP] filed a lawsuit in a Texas court last August, arguing it had been sufficiently punished for the spill.” Sufficiently punished !?!

Then I saw a link at the bottom of the article – “Court rejects BP appeal over gulf oil spill payouts”. They ruin the environment and people’s livelihoods then don’t want to pay.
From that article, “BP is trying to limit the cost of the settlement reached in late 2012.” Oh, boo hoo, cry me a river!

But the best was this other link that I saw. “Two years after BP oil spill, offshore drilling still poses risks” – REALLY!?!

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