Posted by: random.etc13 | April 26, 2014

20 Years!

“Nevada rancher defends remarks, loses supporters” April 25, 2014 AP (1)
“Nevada rancher had limited sympathy in the West” Friday April 25th, 2014 AP (2)
I also just watched a video in which his ‘African-American’ bodyguard defended Clive Bundy’s remarks. (3)

The bodyguard, Jayson Bullock, is an Army veteran who believes that we have an oppressive government.(3) He does not really answer if he thought this during or after serving, my question would be – then why serve in the Army?

“In a statement Friday, Bundy defended himself by saying he is “trying to keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive.” […] “I might not have said it right,” he said, “but it came from my heart.”(2)
So, he is a racist “from [his] heart”!

I can’t believe that Bundy has the gall to defend slavery. “He said he wondered if they were “better off as slaves” than “under government subsidy.”(1)
One’s income somewhat dictates things, but under slavery everything was dictated. And he talks about ‘broken families’, how many families were split up under slavery?

Before his ignorant racist comments, my first thought was 20 years! It took 20 years before anything was done. I agree with the other ranchers, he is a deadbeat.(2)

Now we know that he is a racist deadbeat!!


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